Is Your cotton organic?

Yes, we only use Organic cotton that has been GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)certified. This certification ensures that the organic cotton meets environmental and social standards. For example, our products are never finished with common toxic dyes (ie: AZO dyes) or chemicals (ie: formaldehyde)and workers are paid living wages. Find out more about the GOTS standards HERE

Do you use plastisol inks?

No. We only use inks that are free from PVC (plastic), Phthalates (plastic softeners)and VOCs (polluting gases). Our inks are GOTS certified and OEKO-Tex approved meaning they can safely be used on the most sensitive organic clothes, including baby clothes.

do you have sustainable packaging?

Yes, your items will arrive in a compostable mailer that will biodegrade in 3-6months in a home compost. Don’t have a home compost? They can also be sent to a local compost center or community garden with a compost. If you are interested in starting one, here is a resource: Composting At Home | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | US EPA.

How long does shipping take?

Each item is hand printed to order and will typically ship out in 10-12 business days. Delivery time will vary based on destination (Items ship from Los Angeles).

are you a black owned business?

Yes. Learn more about our story here